Kev's T4 Camper Conversion

Kev's yellow T4 came to us in need of some TLC. It had already been semi-upholstered at some point in its life and had two rear seats in the back, which were surplus to requirements.

Underneath the existing carpeting and lining the van was in need of some love, however. We began by removing the seats, old carpet and ply lining and set about treating the metal work on the walls and floor of the van to remove any rust, fill any holes and give it a general clean and tidy.

Once done we set about applying the self-adhesive foil lining to the metal work (this creates a barrier against moisture, reflects heat and prevents condensation build up on the bodywork, which leads to rust) before adding new insulation consisting of recycled plastic bottles - very economical and environmentally conscious!

The van was then re-carpeted using a lighter coloured material on the ceiling in order to add some contrast and give a lighter space. The walls and barn doors were finished with a charcoal carpet and the floor was treated to a new hard-wearing vinyl covering over the ply.

We're pleased to say that Kev was very happy with the results, especially as he was on a tight schedule:

"Cheers looks fab, thanks for continuing through adversity to get sorted!"