Pete's T5 Project Van

Pete came to us with a lovely gunmetal grey T5, which he badly wanted colour-coding, lowering and converting.

First job was to send it to our spray shop to have the bumpers colour-coded to match the paintwork. Once done (and looking very shiny and new) we tackled the van's interior by stripping out, insulating and lining it - after we had cut out and installed some tinted windows.

We've recently taken to offering the ceiling carpet in a lighter shade of material in order to brighten up the interior and define the roof from the walls. The floor was covered in an Altro Flooring specialist material to give an enduring finish with a professional look.

Next up we jacked up the van, removed the standard VW suspension springs and added in some shorter, stiffer ones from VW's stock. This gives the van a much tighter and less 'wallowy' ride, and we think it looks far better for it too!

Last, but certainly not least, was the addition of a Smart Beds rock and roll bed just behind the front seats (think VW Combi van), which will allow us to build a mountain bike garage in the rear load bay later in the project.