Full T5 Camper Conversion

This stunning red T5 came to us recently for a full-on conversion special, a la SJ Campers. It was given the full works, from pop top roof to electrics, windows, heater and kitchen installation. Read on to find out more and check out the great photographs from this project... 

Windows and Roof

While we waited for the roof to arrive for fitting it was a good time to make a start on fitting the tinted windows to the side panels and sliding doors. We use bonded fittings to adhere the glass panels to the van - a neater, safer and better seal all round, and it looks very tidy too!

Lining and Insulation

The inside of the van was next up. We removed the original lining panels, floor and ceiling panels and got to work insulating and lining the van out with a roll of new 4-way-stretch carpet. It's important to work fast and with precision here, as the contact adhesive can go off very quickly and nobody wants bubbles and creases in their carpet. Experience counts here.

Kitchen and Units

Once we had the van lined out in all of the necessary places we began to fit one of our custom made kitchen conversions, featuring a Waeco CR50 fridge and Smev 9222 gas hob and sink unit all wrapped up in a sea jade finish with hessian worktops.

Electrics and Heater

Next up to fit to this beautiful T5 was the electrical units and wiring. We began with the 12v/240v Sargent electrics running off an EC51 control panel and powering two 3-pin plug points, LED down lights and 12v power socket. A diesel heater completed the wiring requirements, adding some much needed warmth come winter time. Our heaters are great at keeping the cabin warm and toasty and are very quiet, requiring very little fuel to run all through the night.

Passenger Seat Conversion

The twin front passenger seats were removed and in their place we added a single captain's chair with sliding, lockable base to offer more room in the living space. The seat now moves 200mm towards the front of the van. You could have a barn dance in there now!

We love to see a standard panel van come in as a blank canvas, ready to get to work on. It's even better to see them leave the workshop finished, functioning and ready for a life of travels and adventures.

Anthony Cooper