Si's VW Caddy Maxi Conversion

Every now and then converting panel vans into cherished campers throws up a challenge. We loved this conversion project for just that reason. Simon came to us with some specific requirements for his Volkswagen Caddy Maxi; he wanted to be able to use the van as both a 'van' for storing and moving kit around, but also as a campervan for weekends away - just there was one small problem.

Being shorter than the usual Transporter T4s and T5s this presented a bit of an issue as the position of the sliding side door was always going to restrict either access in and out of the van or the length of the bed. Cue Stu and John to the rescue!

In the gallery below you'll see the resultant solution. In order to get around the problem we designed and built an accordion style, concertinaed extending bed frame, which folds away to allow access in and out through the sliding door while still offering a full-length bed capable of offering a great night's rest.

Anthony CooperCaddy