Mr H's VW Transporter T4 Engine and Cylinder Head Replacement

Posted by James Swann on

It's never a great day when your beloved camper van coughs and splutters its last breath, but at SJ Campers we have the goods and the know-how to rescue any type of campervan or commercial vehicle from the potential claws of the scrap heap.

Mr H’s VW Transporter T4 came to us in this state - so into the workshop it went to undergo a bit of mechanical magic. Then out it came again, fitted with a new engine block and cylinder head, and is now running as sweet as a nut!

SJ Campers offers a full range of mechanical services for Volkswagens, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Nissan and all other makes and model of van and commercial vehicles. We service, repair and MOT vehicles as well as offering a full bespoke conversion service.


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