Camper Van Lining & Insulation

If you're looking to transform a bare panel van relatively easily and with minimal expense then lining it out is a great option. We will strip out any existing worn lining panels, clean and prepare the metal surfaces and install new insulation, panels and lining. Adding carpet and insulation to your van really transforms it into something special and makes it so much nicer to spend the night in!

SJ Campers line out and insulate VW Transporters, Caddy vans, as well as any other make and model of camper. We offer a lining and insulation service to do the hard work for you, or you can buy the materials needed, get stuck in and do it yourself!

From: £600.00

To get an approximate cost for insulating and lining out your van use the following price and sizing information:

Material Quantity Needed Approx. Price
4-Way Carpet 16m/van £10/m
Glue 10 tins/van £4.99/tin
Insulation 2 rolls/van £40/roll
Ply Wood - £105/van
Foil 3 rolls/van £10/roll

For a more detailed price or to discuss your conversion project please drop us an email or call using our contact details page.

Our insulating and lining includes:

  • Wall and ceiling lining/carpet
  • Plywood panels
  • Synthetic insulation
  • Floor covering

Carpeting Your Van

We only use high-quality, four-way stretch carpet for carpeting and lining our conversions. The four-way stretch allows us to achieve a superior level of fit when applying the carpet to rounded surfaces such as wheel arches, window recesses and panels with all those nooks and crannies.

The result is that your van looks neat and tidy and there is no unsightly excess material.

As with all of our conversion services we have a very wide choice of carpets to choose from in a range of colours. We use either synthetic or lambswool insulation, depending on your needs and budget.

If you're having appliances and lighting fitted to your van we will hide the necessary fixtures and wiring whilst lining out the van; giving you a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Insulating Your Van

Insulating your van will not only keep you warm but it will prevent condensation from collecting on metal surfaces (which there are a lot of in a panel van!) and causing rust. Our first step is to apply a foil lining to the panels in order to reflect heat back into the van and also to repel vapour.

Moisture is created by cooking, drying wet gear and - most of all - breathing. Whilst you can't prevent moisture build up on windows having the panels insulated will make your van last longer. Good ventilation is also key to maintaining a dry and comfortable camper van, so it's worth installing a vented or sliding window, especially where kitchen appliances are concerned.

Why Insulate Your Van?

It might sound like a silly question but insulating your camper van will:

  • Retain heat in cold weather
  • Maintain a cool temperature in hot weather
  • Prevent moisture build-up and rusting
  • Improve sound-deadening properties
Lambswool Insulation

The primary benefits of lambswool are that it is a natural, recyclable material, which requires far less energy to produce than synthetic fibres and so is better for the environment. It is also fire-retardant and maintains its thermal properties when wet.

Synthetic Insulation

The primary benefit of synthetic insulation is that it is cheaper than lambswool. Some claim that it has better insulating properties too and dissipates moisture better - reducing the chances of rust developing.