Custom Camper Van Units

Our custom camper van units by FSW Engineering are unique to SJ Campers and are built on site to exacting standards and our own bespoke designs to offer a range of kitchen, furniture and bedroom camper units that exude quality, style and functionality.

Available in a range of styles, a vast array of colours and custom made to fit any type of camper van, we're confident that our FSW units are the best on the market and will make your van stand out from the crowd.

Mercedes Vito Cook/Kip Pod by FSW Engineering
FSW Engineering S Type SWB units with Wardrobe
S Type Custom units for Volkswagen Crafter by FSW Engineering
S Type Low units for Volkswagen Transporter in black by FSW Engineering

FSW Custom Camper Units

  • T5/T6 Low Full Length units for SWB and LWB
  • T5/T6 SWB Wardrobe units
  • Forward Pods
  • Bedboards and drawers for Smart, RIB and Evolution rock and roll beds
  • T5/T6 Kombi Slim Kitchen Pod
  • Mercedes Vito Bed/Cook Pod

Here's FSW Engineering's head honcho, Martin Lucas BEng MRAeS, to explain more about how FSW's units are made to be the very best available:

Our van furniture options are available now in your choice of high specification lightweight furniture ply. All our units come with concealed hinges, pre-drilled holes, ball raced draw runners and hardware packages. We offer quite a few options on the units like, cubby holes, worktop mounted bins, different sink/burner apertures etc. and the boys at SJ Campers will sort you out for any other bits you need....oh and build and install them to their exacting standards if you need!

We also do quite a few one off custom conversions. Customers come to SJ Campers with a brief and then John will work it through with me to see what we can come up with. We’ve done quite a few together now, the latest being a Mercedes Vito Bed Unit with pull-out Kitchen Pod.

We’ve also always got something in the pipeline, so if you're looking for something unusual it may be worth a chat.

How Our Units Are Made

The straight answer is CAD, CAM, CNC, hand routing and a little bit of elbow grease, but that doesn’t really convey what goes into these units. John and Stu at SJ have fitted out hundreds of campers, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

So the first stage was to talk over what they wanted, what problems they have had in the past and what improvements they would like to see over what is available on the market. Then it was a lengthy iterative process of design, trial and refinement.

What Is Different About These Conversion Packages?

We had 3 main aims for our units. They have to work, and when I say that, they have to take the abuse thrown at them whilst offering the owner a logical and practical layout. Second aim was to be straight forward to put together. To achieve this we keep as much structure running the length of the units as possible whilst still retaining a modular design, this aids alignment and ease of construction. Thirdly they had to look good, but it's not really up to us to judge that ;o)

Best Sellers

The T5 SWB Full Length Low unit is the biggest seller and you can see why. They offer a lot of storage alongside a rock and roll bed and the comfort of having a 2 ring burner, sink and fridge at hand. Another hit at the moment is our RIB 150 Drawer / Cupboard solution. It's so new we haven’t got a proper name for it, but it's a modular system for the RIB 150 bed so you can choose either 3 sturdy deep drawers or 3 cupboard doors or any mixture of those.

FSW Engineering S Type T5/T6 SWB Low with Evolution R Bed Cupboard

FSW Engineering S Type T5/T6 SWB Low with Evolution R Bed Cupboard

We're 100% confident that you won't find a range of camper van units as unique, well thought out and in such a large range of colours and styles, anywhere else. And the best thing is we make them on site to match your van exactly!