Volkswagen Transporter Conversions

Volkswagen Transporter Camper Conversion

At SJ Campers we convert any make and model of van into the ideal camper for you and your needs. As well as traditional VW Transporter van conversions we also offer a complete bespoke service on any VW Caddy vans, Mercedes, Vauxhall Toyota and Ford vans, as well as many more.

Why Choose A VW Transporter Conversion?

Volkswagen Transporters are where we started out and are by far and away our most popular vehicle for conversion, and for good reason!

The beauty of the Transporter lies in its adaptability. The T4, T5 and new T6 in particular have so many options and variations in layout; you really can do whatever you want. Whether you want a Kombi style seating arrangement with a slide out bed, or a full-blown pop-top-roofed camper conversion with Rock and Roll bed, kitchen or no kitchen, captain's chair...the possibilities are endless!

The range of accessories for VW Transporters is also limitless, with choices for heating, plumbing, storage, external and internal body styling, sleeping and upholstery. 

The options don't end there though, as the T5 and T6 come in two lengths: long wheel base (LWB) and short wheel base (SWB), again offering another set of options to the list and another stack of choices to make. Both van lengths offer excellent drive characteristics and really don't feel any different to drive than a modern family car, with the benefit of having an elevated seating position.

Like all Volkswagens, these vans are also excellent at holding their value and a camper conversion represents a great investment as your van will be worth more after a conversion than before.

Transporter Conversion Slide Show