Getting the right bed in your camper is essential. Get a good nights sleep and everything else feels easier. A rock and roll bed gives you the versatility of seat belts for travelling, somewhere to sit during the day and then a place to sleep at night. At SJ Campers we fit beds that are fully safety tested, as well as stylish, functional and comfortable.


Smartbeds are a popular choice which can now be fitted on rails to allow you the versatility of having the seats locked to near to the front so that rear passengers can travel close to the cab, or locking the seats to the back to allow for maximum living space. These beds are safety pull tested and are built with comfort and ease in mind.


RIB beds are so easy to convert from seat to bed; just pull up and flip over the front and back cushion and the bed is ready. Not only is it easy to use and comfortable but the RIB is also fully crash tested making it a good choice for any conversion.


Once you’ve decided on you choice of bed, we can discuss upholstery options, and then book your van into our workshop for fitting. 

SJ Campers

Big or small, every conversion can benefit from a good core insulation. At the very beginning of the build makes sense, as you don’t want to be moving beds, units and fixtures and fittings about after the fact.


It’s not all about keeping your van warm in the colder months either. As well as keeping you warm, quality insulation will also shield you from the heat in the warmer months. Thermal properties aside, a good thick layer behind all your panels will provide a much quieter and enjoyable driving experience.


Here at SJ Campers we always start with a full coat of silver foil insulation, straight onto the metal, we then fill all voids with a synthetic insulation called Dacron, all topped off and held in place with carpeted ply, made to measure each section of every single van we work on. (The ply doesn’t have to carpeted, but we find it to be a great finish, for most instances, but as always please feel free to contact us direct with any specific requirements.)

Ben Gerrish
Any van.

At SJ Campers we have experience in converting all sorts of vans. Full conversions for the avid van lifer, or a simple bed addition to an otherwise work orientated van, we make sure your van works for you!

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Size isn’t an issue, we’ve made the most Jumbo of LWB vans into camper van/homes, but we’ve also crafted Caddy’s into the most functional of stealthy campers.


Whether it’s a night heater to make sleeping overnight more comfortable, whatever the season, or a fridge to ensure the beers are cold on your return, we can make sure your van works for you.

Ben Gerrish